Saturday, 10 May 2014

An inspirational blog

Siobhan Curham used to run the Uxbridge Writers Group, which is where I met her. Since then, she has moved away, written a brilliant, bestselling book for teenagers called Dear Dylan (Egmont Press) and now has a new book out called Shipwrecked. She also runs writing workshops.

Her blog, Dare to Dream, is inspirational. I don't know anyone else who can turn a negative into a positive the way Siobhan, a trained life coach, can. You can find her on Facebook, or Google her blog. I think you need to subscribe to it but, especially when you're going through a bleak period like I have lately, her tips are a real pick-me-up. Her latest post is a Beginners' Guide to Meditation. I have always wanted, and often tried, to meditate but my babbling brain refuses to shut up. This time, I am going to follow Siobhan's breathing and relaxation exercises and really give it a go.

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Jacula said...

Good luck! I hope it works for you. x