Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Ms Nice v Ms Nasty

I was so bemused by the flu that I posted this on the wrong blog! Here it is now...

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I am still laid low by a ghastly flu-type virus which began over six weeks ago. I got over it and then whammo!, out of the blue it came back on Thursday and I am streaming and shivering all over again.

At least I managed to be well for seven out of my ten days cat-sitting in Camden Town (again). I got back last Monday and didn't do a stroke of work while I was there; I didn't even think about my book once, even though, with four-fifths of it written, I am hopeless stuck. The problem lies with the anti-heroine. She's a feisty, over-emotional character who jumps to conclusions a bit too quickly (like me!), but I could do two things with her towards the end of the book. Either she could do something really bad to the heroine, then have second thoughts a bit too late (which would show some character development), or she could have the second thoughts before she does the evil deed, which would lead to a less exciting, but more heart-warming denouement.

I posted my dilemma on Facebook and several people opted for the nasty version, but I'm not sure. Thing is, I quite like her. In fact, her vivid personality is in danger of swamping that of the real heroine, so I have to tread very carefully. I suppose if she takes the evil route, it will swing readers' sympathies round to the heroine, thus ensuring people don't prefer Ms Nasty to Ms Nice. So far, I have written three different sections, trying it various ways and wasting about 20,000 words! My poor fingers.

I'm hoping inspiration will strike and guide me to the correct conclusion. Perhaps a large dose of Night Nurse tonight will do the trick!

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