Monday, 3 March 2014

Short story competition

Haven't felt inspired to write a new blog entry lately as I have been working flat out on the novel I started six years ago and have suddenly decided to finish. It's the first time in decades that I have written a book with no commission and no publisher lined up, not even an agent to handle it. Gulp!

Anyway, I was reading my daily publishing business newsletter that plops into my inbox and came across this info about a monthly short story competition. The cash prizes aren't great, but hey, anything's better than nothing! I did notice a typo in the website's details - you story' instead of 'your story', which doesn't inspire much confidence. Also, I couldn't read the Terms and Conditions, so who knows what could be lurking there. However, you can read previous winning stories so at least there's some free reading material there!

The March Global Short Story Competition is open for entries.
Begun six years ago, the competition runs every month with a £100 first prize and a £25 prize for highly commended writers.
The competition, which has topped £10,500 in prize money handed out, has had entries from more than 50 countries over the years.
Each month's competition is judged by Fiona Cooper, an author in North-East England, where the competition's organisers Inscribe Media are also based. The competition can be entered at


Jacula said...

Terms and Conditions

This competition has been organised by Inscribe Media Limited of Darlington, United Kingdom.

1. Entries are invited of no more than 2,000 words.

2. There is no theme.

3. Entries must be by writers aged 16 or over.

4. There will be a cash prize for the winner of each monthly competition.Entry is £5 per story via Paypal. You may enter the competition every month. However, no more than 4 entries per individual will be accepted in any one judging period.

5. Entries must be written in English, selected because it is one of the world’s major languages.

6. Entries cannot be returned.

7. Entries can be submitted either electronically or by post.

8. Entries will remain the copyright of the author but winning stories will be posted on this website.

9. No Inscribe Media director or judge, or family member, is allowed to enter.

10. Failure to observe these rules will result in disqualification.

Queries can be directed to John Dean at 00 44 (1) 325 463813 or e-mail

Prizes: The prize for the monthly competition is £100, £25 for the highly commended entry and £250 for the annual one.

hydra said...

Thanks, Jacula. Don't know why I couldn't open it. And If I'd know it was a fiver to enter, I wouldn't have bothered posting it!

John Dean said...

I run the Global Short Story Competition and thought I would explain that it's a fiver to enter because as a small business we have to cover our costs somehow! Thanks for the plug, though, much appreciated.

John Dean