Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My cousin, the legend of Atlantis!

Very excited 'cos I just had a call from my cousin, Merv Read, telling me he has a bit part in the new BBC1 series, Atlantis, which starts on Saturday. I had no idea he was even interested in acting, let alone doing it. Apparently, three years ago he signed on with two film extra agencies and it all went from there.

His debut was in a Minnie Driver film, Hunky Dory, which was shot in Wales, which is where Merv lives. Filming for Atlantis lasted for twelve weeks and apparently he is 'very prominent' in the crowd scenes in episode one, in particular.

He is about to start filming something new. I bet he soon bags a speaking part because he has years of experience declaiming his poems at Poetry Slams, going by the name of Read the Rock Poet, and he is also a songwriter.

It must be in the blood, because I have been writing songs since I was six years old and also write poetry - and am reading some in public at Uxbridge Bigfest's Literature Lounge on Sunday afternoon. Big marquee in front of the Civic Centre, if anyone happens to be passing!

Cousin Merv


Νеіl Lаmbеrt said...

Wow Lorna, how cool. :) It will be fun and a little weird for you I'm sure, seeing him like this. I know that feeling well, haha. Great for him! Hope this may lead to some actual speaking/acting roles... could be the foot in the door he needs, you never know! He seems like a pretty talented and accomplished guy. :)

Teresa Ashby said...

That is so exciting, Lorna! Not just about your cousin, but that you're reading your poetry on Sunday! Wish I could be there :-) x

hydra said...

I hope so, too, Neil! And Teresa, I have printed out a heap of poems and now have to time them to see how many I can fit into a six minute slot. I get terribly nervous about speaking in public. I used to do solo singer-songwriter gigs and had to give it up as my stage fright was so bad. I have a sore throat, too. So.. gargle with salt water and have a stiff vodka, I think!!!

Νеіl Lаmbеrt said...

I wish I could be at your poetry reading, Lorna... I've never even read any of your poems! My dad is quite a poet too. He used to go down to his local watering-hole every Thursday evening and just compose and tweet poetry he made up on the fly! Some of it was awesome and some? Well... haha. But he and his g/f Amy host poetry and short story readings. :) Do you have any of your poetry somewhere online?