Thursday, 16 May 2013

Book news

My agent emailed to tell me that the publisher who is still hanging onto Perfect Lives is considering starting a new list with ten books, one of which will be mine. The decision will be made any day now. Ooh, the suspense!

Meanwhile, I have another publisher interested in reissuing the revamped version of my first ever novel, a sexy romp called Sweet Temptation which I wrote under the pen-name of Caroline Standish, as an e-book. No advance but a good royalty. I've mentioned another idea of mine, too and she's asked for sample chapters so I need to get scribbling.

I am also polishing up a synopsis for my agent. She represents children's books only, which is why I am going it alone with the adult stuff. She likes the title and the general idea, so that's a good start.

Off to north London tomorrow to view some more flats. I don't have high hopes, as one looks a bit boring and the other a bit small, but... you never know, do you?


Jacula said...

Good luck on all fronts! x

Perovskia said...


Perovskia said...

P.S - When looking at flats, think about what your priorities are right now (getting out of Mr G's house). What are your must-haves and have-nots? Maybe if you list the values you're looking for in this new residence (maybe put it on paper, Ms. Writer?) ;) everything else will fall into place.

Caroline said...

Ohhh massive congrats on the book, and the flats, too. Caroline x