Friday, 29 April 2011

The Wedding

I proclaimed stoutly to all my non-royalist friends that I wasn't going to watch, but in the end I did (sorry, folks!). Watching it me feel linked to all all the royal weddings of the past and I sat there trying to imagine them in similar coaches, being cheered all the way (or the opposite in the case of Henry V111) and imagine the behaviour of the ragamuffin hoi polloi in those days, in sheer contrast to today's very well dressed 'commoners'.

I adored Kate's dress. It was perfect. She looked beautiful. At one point, she did a big, gulping swallow and I thought she was trying not to cry. She was very controlled but once or twice she seemed nervous and emotional, and William shot her reassuring little smiles. The Queen looked lovely in her sunshine yellow and Prince Phillip is so handsome for a man of almost 9o. I could fancy him if I met him in the old folks' home - he could share my zimmer frame any time!

It was a glorious, faultless occasion and had such a feel-good factor that I, for one, am still smiling.


joanne fox said...

I thought it was a wonderful day, and lovely to see so many people out on the streets of London. The music, the frocks, the atmosphere - brill!

Teresa Ashby said...

I didn't watch - the whole thing leaves me cold, but I did have a peek at the dress and thought it was beautiful!
(Agree about Prince Phil though!)

Frances Garrood said...

I agree with Joanne. Don't listen to your anti-royalist friends - this kind of thing only happens a couple of times n a lifetime, and I think it's good for (almost ) everyone!